Loudoun Heroes

Dated: 03/21/2016

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Yesterday my family and I took lunch the to volunteer Firefighter crew in Sterling, VA.  We've lived in our neighborhood for 13-years and have seen first hand what these men and women do to keep us all safe and well taken care of.  In fact, they have even taken my son to the ER a few years ago.  They were so professional and helpful. The way they calmly took control of a situation that I wasn't prepared for was so comforting and we were very grateful.20160320_122625

The Loudoun Heroes Network (AKA Heroes Connection) is a program that Virginia eXp Realty started to give back to say thanks to our local heroes.  We created a website that lists the businesses that offer discounts and savings to these fine folks.  If you know a teacher, firefighter, EMT, nurse, military and/or law enforcement officer, please tell them about this website Loudoun Heroes Network.  They can save on everyday things like restaurants and beauty products.  But there are also discounts and offerings for bigger items such as a lawyer, financial planner, mortgage lender, house painter, HVAC repairs and many more. 20160320_121445

And, if a hero sells and/or purchases a home with me, I give back 25% of my commission at closing to help with the closing costs.  Which could save a hero a few thousand dollars.

The visit to the fire house was really fun for the kids.  One of the firefighters helped them climb into a truck, turn on the lights, blow the loud horn and showed them the equipment they use.  At the end of the tour, they received a 911 call and they had to hop in the truck and go.  It was remarkable to see it in action.

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