List Of Affordable Townhomes And Condos In South Arlington VA

Dated: 01/24/2016

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Folks have contacted us due to their long commute to work each day living in southern Virginia.   Alternatives include affordable condos and townhouses in South Arlington.   The Shirlington, Nauck, and other nearby communities are viable options for you.   The close by high school, Wakefield, is a new state of the art school.  Close by rival schools include Washington-Lee and Yorktown.    Let us know if you need another option for the spring.[0]=city%3A%2522204+22206%25&areas[1]=zip%3A%2522204+22206%25&areas[2]=area%3A%2522204+22206%25&areas[3]=neighborhood%3A%2522204+22206%25&areas[4]=county%3A%2522204+22206%25&areas[5]=city%3A%2522204%25&areas[6]=zip%3A%2522204%25&areas[7]=area%3A%2522204%25&areas[8]=neighborhood%3A%2522204%25&areas[9]=county%3A%2522204%25&areas[10]=neighborhood%3AThe+Arlington&custombox=&types[0]=2&types[1]=31&min=0&max=100000000&beds=0&baths=0&minfootage=0&maxfootage=30000&minacres=0&maxacres=3000&yearbuilt=0&walkscore=0&keywords=&rtype=&page=1

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