Do You Know Why It Is A Great Time To Sell

Dated: 02/26/2016

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PSA means Certified PRICING STRATEGY ADVISORS - we are instructors of this discipline with the National Association of REALTORS!

Go Straley Group loves anayltics in Virginia, Mid Atlantic and Nationally.

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We actually specialize in pricing and trends.  We love pricing homes and Michael Straley actually grades himself between listing and sale to make sure he is on target.  You know there is more than one market?  So when REALTORS or customer/clients say spring is a good market - that may not be the big picture?  

Items that affect the market will also be the price range, economic factors in your region, the condition of your home.  We love to look at all the factors and can actually help you pinpoint factors that might improve your value.  Some items are out of your control but some items are in your control!   Our vision is that every home seller and buyer should be aware of these significant factors so you can make wise decisions, in our local region of Stafford County, Prince William County, Fauquier and Loudoun to name a few!

In my decades of experience, I have found that Presidential Election Years are the optimum time to Sell and to Buy.  The government and surrounding industry make great effort to build consumer confidence for whatever the present administration may be.  I do not believe this is a party "thing"  it is simply the people, that have the power, at that time, try to make it appear, as if, everything is coming up roses, which may or may not be true  - but it works to increase economic influence and increase real estate market activity.

So this is my opinion, based on my experience, education and expertise!  Many of us have been stuck in our lifestyle for ten years.  Lifestyles generally change more quickly. Kids appear, or get big, or go to college and jobs change - and therefore family lifestyle and size and location of our abode wants to change.  However, if our equity or income prevents our desired change - we sit tight.  Most of you will agree - that most of you have sat tight!  Let me suggest, now is the time to move.

After the election, real life will set in, and it may be difficult to gain the optimism we might now hope to accomplish.  There is great hope with an election year.  There is a great influx of momentum to the economy by industry and government.  Interest rates are good, spring is arriving and buyers and sellers have at least stabalized most markets.  As we progress through the year, I might suggest, prices may take a slight rise, so might interest rates and the size of inventory.  So perfect timing may be March.Image title

Not much of a crystal ball but just a little common consumer sense implies this might be truth.  If you haven't moved and would like to  - I suggest you give us a call today!  We are trained in positioning your home in the marketplace and online.  Rebecca Straley and Michael Straley can be reached at [email protected]!  There is a formula to move and it may be a little tricky.  What can I expect to take in and how much must I pay out?  Thinking of downsizing we have some great products.

Did you know your home has an online value?  We are trained is this also!  Stay tuned, as I advise how we can help your "online value" !  

Kind of like Geico, with a 15 minute call we might save or make you thousands!  Call Michael Straley at the Go Straley Group 540-834-6263 for a free consultation.  

Maybe you are comfortable where you are now but just want some insight, that is okay too!  We are happy to spend some time together and earn your trust.  Sometimes it is best to sit it out and sometimes it is best to move.  The decision is yours but you need the facts to make that decision!  Right?  or Left?  lol -

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Go Straley Group of eXp Realty

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Rebecca and Michael Straley

We are a team of successful REALTORS®, with sustained study and preparation in advance of your call! We are Accredited Buyer Representative and NAR Instructors with the highest regard to all Clients ....

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